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Use of floor heating

As a HVAC professional to warm a new technology, inventions and use, but for decades. The introduction of domestic, but also more than a decade, the design than the traditional radiator systems more complex, design research and experience in the province less mature. Because the design is the foundation of good construction, design, and reasonable or not their effectiveness, ground cracking a series of problems directly related to and influence, will also affect the smooth progress and quality level of other work. To this end, refrigeration Express summarizes some specially designed to warm the exception Know for reference purposes only.

Heating system design through careful calculation and strict and meticulous research should. In addition, the following questions should also note that the design:

1, using household freestanding heaters or heating load of 90% concentrate. Or the room temperature is lowered 2 ℃ calculations.

2, in a residential application, should consider the impact of factors such as furniture blocking the amount of heat, multiplied by the appropriate correction factor.

3, vertically adjacent rooms, in addition to the top floor, the layers should be deducted by room heating heat load heat from the upper to determine the required amount of heat the room.

4 different floor materials, different amounts of heat, to ensure temperature requirements, the design should be as low stone by heat than wood board to consider, even if the user choose to do ground stone type, it will not affect the heating effect.

5, in order to meet a room facing each room evenly balanced, calorie consumption should be considered in calculating the direction and attach additional reduction, exterior and more room, more heat loss, heat pipe necessarily more dense. South to the middle of the room and less heat loss, tube spacing necessarily bigger.

6, try to consider the production of cold water floor heating tubes arranged in layers in the structure, but should avoid each other through a tube.

7, a reasonable division of the loop area, the amount of daylight to do sub-room control, to avoid cross other lines. 8, the design should pay special attention to the same sub-catchment tube length as consistent as possible, to avoid negative force imbalance and waste pipes.

9, with freestanding gas stove for heat source system should be controlled tube length ≤90m, to reduce drag, and special attention to balance and manage the flow rate within 阴力平 problems.

10, in order to ensure that the ground does not crack, tube spacing of not less than 100mm, too close at the local office plus 10mm tubular epithelial steel mesh; for the protection of ground temperature uniformity, easy tube spacing greater than 350mm.

11, for the return water temperature should be less than 60 ℃ (maximum of 70 ℃),for the return water temperature should be less than 10 ℃, the system working pressure should not exceed 0.8MPa.

12, regardless of the source, and the supply and return water temperature floor heating system, water volume and pressure and other parameters used for adoption should match.

13, special attention should select the parameters in the design, within the PEX pipeflow velocity of not less than 0.25m / s,or will cause the air lock phenomenon.

14, according to the norms, should be setat a length of more than 6-8m material expansion joints. Each timber 30-40m2 expansion joints should be located, but expansion joints is not possible, should be a reasonable setting.

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